Spa Summer Classic 2019

  • f5722bcd-25ac-41fe-a2b8-cdb9ec688f62
  • 5d297843-7333-4c84-8fe3-2b884cea44ee
    The happy team.
  • 8d044dbb-e030-46f0-9e98-fd786d6c852e
    Spa Francorchamps from on high
  • 66d2d486-b020-4fdd-a56f-103ea2b7388b
    CSCC Swinging '60s
  • 398A5ECD-99BA-4CB7-B919-070C36CD4B0A
    Stylish Wolfitt eating arrangements
  • c6ac3fe2-f11e-4031-82a3-9bac480923dc
    Dave's car picks up a new fan
  • IMG_1998
    Looking down from the Kemmel straight
  • IMG_2012
    Racing is not just about the cars, glamour and fashion also play a huge part.
  • IMG_2016
  • IMG_2020
    Dave's TVR Grantura in the F1 garages
  • IMG_2019
  • IMG_2024
    Close to the action
  • IMG_2025
  • IMG_2031
  • IMG_2030
    Most of the weekend was spent on the pit wall in the baking sun
  • IMG_2032
    A few cars ended up in bits

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